The last Grand Prix of the MotoGP Championship counted on the preventive protection of ATSTORM®

The Motorcycle Grand Prix of Valencia closed the 2016 World Motorcycling Championship on 11th, 12th and 13th of November. In order to ensure the protection for attendees and facilities during the celebration, the Gran Prix Organization decided to count on an ATSTORM® V.02.

Our local storm detector, unlike others, works by electrostatic field measurement and allows sufficient time to take preventive actions. In places such as circuits, sports stadiums, golf courses or areas with a large audience, it provides the organizers with an extra guarantee for security being able to dispose of anticipated information from this device.

The ATSTORM® V.02 detects storms formed over the target area to be protected, a very distinctive feature since other detection systems require a lightning bolt to fall in order to commence storm localization. Its airtight design ensures maximum reliability in adverse weather conditions. It is completely electronic, has no moving parts and requires no special maintenance.

The functionality, design and level of security that the Storm Detector from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. was able to provide the organizers with were advantages highly valued by the security team responsible for this important high attendance event.

Download the ATSTORM® V.02 Storm Detector Datasheet