Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches new surge counter

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches new surge counter

The counter, with reference AT-3502, indicates the overvoltages that have occurred in an installation.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has launched a new product to market: an overvoltage counter that detects and quantifies the increases in voltage of an atmospheric origin.

The counter stores this information to allow a permanent monitoring of the overvoltages that occur in an installation.

This product serves as a very useful tool which complements a surge protection installation, given that it allows for a more effective maintenance.

This device comprises a display that shows the number of overvoltages and an inductive loop, made up of a coil that is placed around the earth cable connected to an overvoltage protector. When the protector deviates the overvoltage to earth a current is induced within the coil, registering as an overvoltage on the counter’s display.

The counter’s sensibility is of 1kA with an 8/20 µs wave, therefore discriminates between a transient overvoltage and electromagnetic noise or harmonics.

The surge counter from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas does not require any special maintenance and its battery can be easily replaced when the indicator signals to do so.

Download the surge counter data sheet here