The new Project Manager of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas

The Project Manager from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is a complete online tool to design, define and create comprehensive quotes, independently and intuitively for lightning protection projects.

How to access

Access to the Project Manager from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is achieved after successfully completion of the Advanced Lightning Protection Course available on the Portal for Specifiers.

What will you find in the Project Manager

The Project Manager allows you to efficiently organize all the lightning protection projects that you have carried out using the software “CD-Risk” in the Portal for Specifiers from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.

How to carry out a lightning protection project.

  1. Carry out the risk calculation for your structure.

With the CD-Risk you will be able to assess the requirement for the lightning protection of your structure and what should be the effectiveness of that protection (Protection Level).

  1. Again, using CD-Risk, carry out a study of lightning protection as well as internal protection against overvoltages for the structure.
  2. Documentation you will obtain after de study:
  • Descriptive report of the project
  • Personalized quotation of all the material required for a complete lightning protection system based on the data entered.


This documentation will appear automatically in the Project Manager.

In addition, the Project Manager allows you to attach your own AutoCAD plans to obtain the protection solution implemented on the plan itself.

If you have any questions during the process, you will always have a message board with access to an asynchronous online tutor where you can exchange comments, messages, observations, etc.

Access the Portal for Specifiers from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas now and discover everything you need to know regarding lightning protection: click here.