The significance of being manufacturer

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas manufactures lightning protection systems since 1986. The acquired know-how and service orientation has led us in the years to lead the technological and standardization changes in the sector.

Being manufacturers entails identifying market opportunities and turn them into a concept; designing an operational product and a way for its production; selecting the appropriate components considering quality and cost as well as their supply chain; the manufacturing itself, its assembly, commercialization and marketing. For all this our innovative capacity must always remain at high levels and we have to make use of any resource for achieving continuous and agile improvements.

Another strong point as manufactures is that we are able to offer complete solutions and also designs with special characteristics adapted to the needs of our customers. Our own engineers and researches team and our fully equipped laboratory inside the company are perfect tools for investigation and development, necessary for an optimal answer to the requirements of our customers or of the market. Besides we do also certify our products in external, independent laboratories for their definitive validation.