Training course for Latin America distributors

Training course for Latin America distributors

The recent series of Latin America distributor’s training held last June has run around several axes of interest: presentation of our new products, review of the most relevant standards for lightning protection (IEC 62305, IEC 62561, NF C 17102, UNE 2186, NFPA 780, EN 50536, UL 467,…), as well as our software for risk assessment.

The explanation of novelties in each product branch (external protection and accessories, grounding, exothermic welding, protection against transient and permanent overvoltages and storm detectors) has been performed by the R+D managers, thus achieving a deep knowledge of each product. This led to a very interesting atmosphere, as shown by the high level of the questions raised during these days, where we have also enriched with their experiences.

Training was held in Aplicaciones Tecnológicas headquarters placed in Valencia (Spain). For our visitors this was a chance for finally relating the voices of many colleagues to a face: R+D, Manufacturing, Logistics, Customer Service, etc.

In short, it was an excellent opportunity to interact and to share the challenges of each market and the best tactics to address them.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas greatly thanks all attendees for their wish of being every day even more professional, to improve each time the way of working and to find synergies to make it happen.