Uses and services of ATSTORM®v2 storm detector

Uses and services of ATSTORM®v2 storm detector

Our storm detector protects different types of installations worldwide.

ATSTORM ® v2 is a storm detector designed according to EN 50536 that allows taking preventive measures before the storm begins, thus being very helpful for:

  • Prevention of losses in industrial processes and operations.
  • Sensitive goods protection
  • Prevention of serious accidents involving hazardous products (inflammable, radioactive, toxic, explosive).
  • Buildings, transport or facilities with their external areas open to the public.
  • Operations where basic service continuity has to be assured.
  • Infrastructures: harbours, airports, trains, roads, highways, cable railway.
  • Protection to the people and the environment.
  • Prevention of workplace risk: according to national codes and standards.

Different types of infrastructures around the world have installed our storm detector to protect people and facilities. Among them:

  • Refineries
  • Mines
  • Cultural heritage and turistic places
  • Skyscrapers
  • Defence installations
  • Weather Control Centres
  • Hydrographic Control centres
  • Factories

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