Surge protection in telecommunication towers

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has designed the overvoltage protection project for telecommunication towers in Cameroon.

Telecommunications towers such as cellular, television and radio repeaters are very high structures placed in isolated locations and equipped with equipment highly sensitive to atmospheric discharges.

Protection against lightning strikes and overvoltages avoids failures and deterioration of electronic components of the installation thus enlarging its life.

Such is the case of the surge protection project we have designed for telecommunication towers in Cameroon. Besides, these towers work with photovoltaic cells which are also very sensitive to atmospheric discharges.

The following protector devices have been installed in order to protect the telecommunication towers against lightning strikes:

  • ATPV3 for the cell’s inverter
  • ATFREQ N for coaxial lines
  • ATVOLT P48 for DC supply line of the photovoltaic cells

More info about lightning and overvoltage protection of telecommunication towers.