Video shows the main advantages of APLIWELD® Secure+

Video shows the main advantages of APLIWELD® Secure+

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is pleased to announce the launch of its new video titled: “Exothermic welding: other brands vs APLIWELD® Secure+”, available in our YouTube channel.

This production intends to show, in an amusing but also informative way, the different advantages of the tablet format (developed by AplicacionesTecnológicas and internationally patented) of our aluminothermic welding and the remote ignition system.

The protagonist of the story is a professional user who has always worked with other brands. But one day he discovers APLIWELD® and his work takes a qualitative shift, becoming safer and saving costs and effort.

We do not want to reveal too much, since it is better to watch it than to read it. We cordially invite you to play the video. If you find it interesting, please share with others.