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Advanced Course on Lightning Protection receives CPD certificate in UK

The Online Course on Lightning Protection  Projects of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas provides the fundamentals, method and case studies to enable professionals involved in this sector to professionally design Lightning Protection Systems based on the main international standards. Since 2022, the course is certified as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in the UK.

The advanced lightning protection course of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has received the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certificate in the United Kingdom by the entity that reviews and certifies the training that professionals in each sector can undertake to develop and improve their skills.

The CPD has recognised both the structure of the course and its superior learning value as differentiating elements to award the qualification that accredits the quality of the training offered by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. After receiving this certification, the hours spent by any professional on the advanced lightning protection course will count as CDP credits in the UK.

The CPD Certification Service is the leading independent CPD accreditation organisation working across all industry sectors in the UK for 25 years.

Learn about advanced lightning protection training courses

The Advanced Lightning Protection Course is a complete theoretical-practical training course of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas organised in eight didactic units. It is aimed at architects, engineers, installers, electricians, company technical staff, students and graduates in technical branches and professionals related to this sector, interested in new development opportunities.

The course, which is conducted entirely online via an e-learning platform available 24 hours a day, covers the different aspects of lightning protection. Each unit consists of a theoretical syllabus, explanatory videos and a placement test:

  1. Nature of Lightning.
    The phenomenon of lightning: its parameters and effects.
  2. External lightning protection systems with Early Streamer Emission (ESE).
    Basic elements and requirements of a lightning protection facility.
  3. Internal lightning protection systems.
    Surges and how to be protected from them.
  4. Standards context.
    How to assess the risk of lightning strike and related regulations.
  5. Lightning protection system design using AutoCAD.
  6. Lightning protection system design using CD-Risk Pro.
  7. Practical cases.
    Examples of building protection by lightning rods and meshes.
  8. Project Manager.

The course is conducted entirely online, and all theoretical and practical lessons include real project examples and access to a tutor who monitors progress. In addition, at the end of the course you will receive a licence to use the Lightning Risk Project Pro software for risk assessment, as well as access to the platform’s Project Manager.

You can access the Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ Advanced Lightning Protection course via the following link or you can contact us through this link.

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