Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches a new application for exothermic welding

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has developed a new concept of exothermic welding: the APLIWELD® SECURE + system, based on the use of compact tablets and remote electronic ignition. In addition, we have also developed an APLIWELD exothermic welding selector in order to facilitate the specification and preparation of materials for exothermic joints.


Apliweld® Secure+ Selector is a new specification tool for any project with exothermic welding.  The user will be able to generate a list of the references and quantities of material necessary to make the connections required for any project in a fast and automatic way.

To make optimal use of the tool, the user will only have to know three parameters:

  • Type of connection (cross, T, lineal …)
  • Dimensions of the conductors, in metric system or AWG
  • Number of joints of each type

After filling out the required information, Apliweld® Secure+ Selector will provide a list of material for the project specification, or to simply request and prepare all materials necessary for the connections.

The Apliweld® Secure + Selector application allows any type of user to know what material is needed in order to achieve a perfect execution and the desired final result, without needing to know the references or the number of tablets required for a certain connection.

For further information about the tool or the APLIWELD® SECURE + exothermic welding system, please contact us here.