Why is APLIWELD® SECURE+ the most efficient exothermic welding system on the market?

Earthing systems, as well as their connections, must last for the lifetime of the building. Exothermic welding meets this objective better than mechanical connections or other types of welding. Aplicaciones Tecnológicas goes even further with Apliweld® Secure+, the exothermic welding system that provides perfect results, cost savings and increased worker safety.


But why is APLIWELD® SECURE+ the most efficient exothermic welding system on the market?

First of all, it is due to its tablet format compound, which is very easy to use, minimises errors, allows for work in windy conditions, does not absorb moisture and reduces residual waste. In addition, it simplifies work as it depends on a unique compound reference for all welds, reducing stock, storage and transport costs.

Another reason why APLIWELD® SECURE+ is so efficient is because it contains no flammable material, which avoids unactioned or inadequate ignitions and simplifies logistics and storage risks.

Likewise, this exothermic welding system provides electronic ignition at a distance, preventing the risk of projections and burns. It minimises deterioration on moulds by reducing thermal shock and ensures a high ignition rate.

Finally, APLIWELD® SECURE+ holds UL certification from the Underwriters Laboratories, according to the standard UL Grounding and bonding equipment (E354045) and the recommendation from the Spanish National Institute of safety, health and well-being at work, agency belonging to the Ministry of Employment and Social Security of Spain.

Here you can find more information about the exothermic welding system APLIWELD® SECURE+.