We are launching our corporate website - Aplicaciones Tecnológicas

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches a new corporate website!

This new website of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas aims to provide an optimal user experience, with improved navigation and functionality. It has been designed so that our customers (architects, engineers, stockists, electrical installers, technical staff…) can access and browse all product information easily.

With a new structure, the Aplicaciones Tecnológicas web allows each visitor to access their area of interest in a faster and more intuitive way, thus improving the user experience. Therefore, within the main menu you will find four different areas: product, solutions, service and downloads.

New webiste, Aplicaciones TecnológicasIn the PRODUCT area you will find each line associated with its product data sheet, and within it, you will have access to its reference, description, application, technical data, and even diagrams, installation and maintenance instructions.

The SOLUTIONS section proposes to bring to each sector (transport, energy, education…) the best solution for its lightning protection, while in the SERVICES section you will have access to the complete technical advice of our professionals. In it you will be able to request installations or revisions of your equipment, and you will have all the new updated dates for our free online courses (webinars).

In DOWNLOADS you will find all the documentation on quality certificates, sectorial documents and papers as well as available catalogues.

In addition, you will find an extensive NEWS section, in which you will find the new regulations and standards for today’s market, information on new product launches, news of general interest and infographics on prevention and protection against lightning.

New online platform exclusively for professionals

This new website is joined by the recently launched Portal for Specifiers: a space for engineering and architecture studios with access to courses, webinars, software tools and resources for designing and quotation of integral lightning protection projects.

At the time of release of the website, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is offering a 50% discount on its Advanced Lightning Protection Course for all users registered on its “Portal for Specifiers” platform.

As a company specialized in lightning protection, we manufacture all existing technologies in this field, innovating each day with a mission to provide the best solution for a comprehensive, safe and complete protection.

Visit our new website www.at3w.com/en