Surge devices: New ATPV series for renewable energies

ATPV series: new surge devices for renewable energies

Renewable energies present new challenges in the field of lightning and surge protection for direct current lines. Therefore, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has developed a new range of surge devices for the protection of direct current (DC) systems up to 1500Vdc, according to the IEC-61643-31 standard and the REBT-BT-23 Guide.


Lightning protection for photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic power plants are high-risk installations from the point of view of lightning protection, as they are large areas of land exposed to atmospheric disturbances, such as lightning strikes. They are also difficult to protect without influencing on the performance of their generation performance due to shadow casting. Considered as high cost equipment that, when suffering an electric shock, can interrupt or diminish the energy supply, especially if they are connected to the distribution network. In addition, the discharge of a lightning strike could seriously affect sensitive electronic equipment that controls its operation, causing transient surges that would represent an avoidable risk if covered by means of an optimal surge protection.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has all the elements to achieve the best protection for solar plants among which you will find a wide range of surge protection devices capable of protecting anything from data lines connected to electronic components to the outputs of the transformer station and general power supply, either AC or DC.

With a continued objective to improve the range of our products against surges caused by lightning, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas extends the ATPV family with new 1+2 type equipment, reaching up to 1500Vdc lines.


Technical features of the new ATPV series

  • Connection capacity for easy replacement
  • New disconnection technology that isolates the contacts of the protective element to avoid the appearance of electric arcs. They do not produce deflagration.
  • Modules with the possibility of disconnection, thus allowing their replacement in case of failure
  • Compact multi-pole protection
  • Formed by zinc oxide varistors with the ability to withstand very high currents
  • Short response time
  • Avoid interruptions in the supply lines
  • It has a remote warning system to monitor the status of the equipment
  • Compatible with our entire range of AC, data line and telecommunication products.

Main electrical characteristics:

Ref. Protection Type Iimp Imax In Ucpv Poles Nº Remote System Cartridge replacement
AT-8920 T2 75kA 30kA 1000V 3 DIN Si AT-8910
AT-8921 T2 75kA 30kA 1500V 3 DIN Si AT-8911
AT-8922 T1+T2 6,25kA 40kA 20kA 1000V 3 DIN Si AT-8912
AT-8923 T1+T2 6,25kA 40kA 20kA 1500V 3 DIN Si AT-8913


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