Aplicaciones Tecnológicas responsible for the protection of the church of São Roque in Lisbon

The emblematic church of São Roque in Lisbon, as well as the museum next to it, are already protected, both building and contents in their interior, by our lightning rod DAT Controler® Plus, which was chosen due to the security offered by its certificates and tests passed in independent laboratories.

This church, owned by the Santa Casa de la Misericordia of Lisbon, was built in 1540. In addition to the Church, this space also houses the São Roque Museum, whose assets are part of the city’s cultural heritage and cannot suffer any damage.

With almost five centuries of existence, both the building itself and its interior are very important for the history of the country, therefore being essential to ensure its protection against lightning. The various certificates DAT Controler® Plus ESE lightning rod has (Certificate of protection radius, AENOR Certificate, Certified current withstand 100 kA, 20 impulses -10/350 μs- and Certificate of performance in rainy conditions) offered the desired efficiency.