ATPLUG CONTROL: the plug-in and self-reclosing protector against surges and undervoltages

One of the latest product launches from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is the ATPLUG CONTROL, a protector for permanent and transient overvoltages and undervoltages that is plug-in, single-phase and self-reclosing.

This protector, when detecting a permanent overvoltage or an undervoltage, acts by disconnecting the power supply from the outlet, then reconnecting the power supply to the load again when it comes to a halt.

When detecting a transient overvoltage, the ATPLUG CONTROL driving the current to earth and reducing the voltage to a level that does not damage the connected equipment.

The main advantage of this device aside form automatic reconnection, is that it does not require installation, it is simply inserted in the plug to which the equipment to be protected is connected. Fast and easy. This surge protector is tested and certified according to UNE-EN 50550 and UNE-EN 61643-11 standards.

Download here the ATPLUG CONTROL datasheet