ATCONTROL/R COMPACT PT-M: The new compact surge protector

ATCONTROL/R COMPACT PT-M: The new compact surge protector

Protects against transient overvoltages, permanent overvoltages and undervoltages, includes self-reclosing feature.

New protector for single-phase lines which includes protection against permanent undervoltages and overvoltages as well as transient overvoltages in one single device. The protector automatically reconnects the line once the anormal voltage has finalised, avoiding user inconvenience.

Provides warnings of transient and permanent overvoltages, and thermodynamic device disconnection from electric mains in case of degradation. Includes test button to check that the installation has been carried out correctly.

Transient overvoltages are usually caused by lightning as well as by electrical switching of inductive loads. Permanent overvoltages and undervoltages, however, are caused by network faults. Specific protectors are required for both types, as the devices usually installed on the line (circuit breakers and residual current devices) are too slow for these disturbances, and serious damage could be caused to connected equipment.

Download the data sheet for the new ATCONTROL/R COMPACT PT-M here