The new Wanda Metropolitano stadium is protected from lightning strikes with our DAT Controler® Plus

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the new football field of Club Atlético de Madrid, has hosted the first league match this weekend. The new sports hall, includes a complete lightning protection system, projected and supplied by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.

A total of 8 DAT Controler® Plus 60 ESE lightning arresters cover the entire surface of the playing field and stands, protecting from atmospheric electrical shocks.

These lightning rods were chosen due to their characterisation as a certified AENOR Product, in accordance with the standard UNE 21186. They have a certificate for unaltered performance under rainy conditions with an insulation of more than 95%, in accordance with the standard IEC 60060-1, as well as a certificate of protection radius and compliance with the standards UNE 21186 and NFC 17-102.

In addition, each lightning rod has an AT-REMOTE TESTER device that continuously checks the status of the DAT Controler® Plus without having to physically access it, with a range of 100 metres and radiofrequency communication. They also include the possibility for remote verification through the Internet from any desired location. With the included solar panels, it remains a completely autonomous system.