Catalogue of APLIWELD Secure+ exothermic welding

Catalogue of APLIWELD Secure+ exothermic welding

Now available the full catalogue of the new exothermic welding, containing copious information about the descriptions and references of the required components

APLIWELD Secure+, the new exothermic welding of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A., uses the welding powder in compact tablets with the possibility, moreover, of applying an electronic ignition. The main advantages of this novel method is the prevention of labour risks and the cost reduction, partly thanks to the lower range of required components. But even so there is a variety of options: electronic or spark-lighter ignition? which mould is necessary for the welding to be made? how many tablets are required? which accessories?

This catalogue contains the references of the most common accessories, tablets and moulds, all explained and ordered clear and easily for guiding the user in the selection of the required elements for each welding. Anyway, our Technical Department is always at your disposal for indicating you the required material for your needs.

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