KIT ATCONTROL/R M: With single-phase lines protectors we complete our self-reclosing range

Iberdrola recommends self-reclosing protectors against transient and permanent overvoltages for particular houses boards.

Transient and permanent overvoltages, caused by lightning, switching or disconnection of the neutral, may cause severe damages to electric and electronical equipment since the usual protections for lines (circuit breakers and residual current devices) are not able to stop them. Protecting lines against overvoltages can avoid economic losses, service interruptions, data loss and even fires and damages to people.

Particularly permanent overvoltages are very long, and therefore the only way to protect equipment is to disconnect the power supply line. Our range or self-reclosing protectors, now completed with those for single-phase lines, automathically re-connects the line when the overvoltage has ended. The electrical company Iberdrola recommends this type of protectors even for homes and businesses.

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