Learn about the Advanced Course of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas on Lightning Protection

The Online Course of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas on Lightning Protection provides the foundations, method and practical cases so that architects, engineers, electrical installers, technical personnel of companies or professionals related to this sector can design professional lightning protection systems based on the main international regulations.

What is the lightning protection course for?

The main objective is to be able to completely execute the project of a Lightning Protection System according to the current regulations, to learn how to use the specific design software and to access the Lightning Protection Project Manager of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.

Who is the LPS course aimed at?

The Lightning Protection Course is designed for professionals, among which we find: architects, engineers, electrical installers, technical staff of companies, students and graduates in technical branches interested in new opportunities for development.

Advanced Lightning Protection Course Topics

The course is organized in eight teaching units covering the different aspects of lightning protection. Each unit consists of a theoretical module, explanatory videos and a level test.

  1. Nature of lightning.
  2. The lightning phenomenon: parameters and effects.
  3. External lightning protection systems with Early Streamer Emission (ESE).
  4. Basic elements and requirements of a lightning protection facility.
  5. Internal lightning protection systems.
  6. Surges and how to be protected from them.
  7. Standards context
  8. How to assess the risk of lightning strike and related regulations.
  9. Lightning protection system design using AutoCAD.
  10. Lightning protection system design using Lightning Risk Project Pro.
  11. Practical cases.
  12. Examples of building protection using lightning rods and meshes.
  13. Project Manager.

The course will be carried out entirely online and has a duration equivalent to 50 teaching hours.

All the theoretical-practical lessons of the course include real examples of projects and access to a mentor throughout the process to solve any doubt and monitor your progress.

Advantages of taking the course

Once you progress in the online LPS course you will have free access to the complete risk assessment and project design software “CD-Risk“, with which you can evaluate the need and level of protection of the external and internal system that your projects require.

After successfully completing the course, you will have acquired the necessary knowledge to be able to access the Project Manager, a complete and valuable online tool to design, organize and quote autonomously and intuitively comprehensive lightning protection projects.

Access the Advanced Lightning Protection Course by clicking here.