Lightning and surge protection for equipment in business premises and domestic use

Overvoltage protection devices avoid serious economical losses caused by damages in electric and electronic equipment.

Houses, small businesses and offices contain now numerous electric and electronic equipment with increasing complex and important functions, being in most cases interconnected. Overvoltages caused by lightning strikes or power supply network failures may provoke severe damages in this equipment.

Even if the building is provided with a proper external lightning protection system, surges can enter the equipment through the power supply, earthing system, TV or telephone and data lines. These latter and their connected equipment are designed for very low voltages and therefore surges caused by lightning can produce them serious damages.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has designed the basic set for an efficient surge protection of most usual domestic electric and electronic equipment, easy to install and with an optimized cost. A barrier for lightning current at each of the lines connecting the external environment with the house or premise and their equipment.