Manual for APLIWELD Secure + exothermic welding

Manual for APLIWELD Secure + exothermic welding

APLIWELD Secure + manual is now available with all its possibilities and variants. A practical and complete guide for making the safest exothermic welding.

The exothermic or aluminothermic welding gives as a result the molecular union of the materials, thus achieving permanent connections that do not corrode, oxidise or degrade with time and with an electrical conductivity that is superior to the conductors themselves.             

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has recently launched a new technique for working with this type of welding. APLIWELD Secure + is safer and easier: the product is presented with the format of a compact tablet (Apliweld-T), having even the possibility of starting the reaction electronically (Apliweld-E).


This manual explains, practical and easily, all the possibilities and variants of Apliweld Secure +. Elements, processes and verifications are illustrated with real images. The guide ranges from the preparation of materials to the examination of the welds:

  • General preventive measures in exothermic welding procedures  
  • Apliweld exothermic welding procedure
  • Remarks about moulds and tablets
  • Welding check-up: acceptable or unacceptable results
  • FAQs

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