ATFLASH SENSOR - New storm detector in real-time

ATFLASH SENSOR – New storm detector in real-time

The storm detector ATFLASH SENSOR measures the electromagnetic field, providing information about the electroatmospheric activity in real-time for preventive purposes.

ATFLASH SENSOR works in the phases of growth, maturation and attenuation of the thunderstorm, that is, the phases when discharges occur. Its sensor can detect those discharges up to 60km distance, thus allowing preventive actions well in advance.

Storm detectors are especially useful for personal that takes decisions in situations such as prevention of losses in operations and industrial processes, safeguard of sensitive equipment, avoiding environmental hazards or labour risk prevention. It is important taking into account that preventive protection can complement but not substitute external and internal lightning protection, that is, the use of air terminals and surge protective devices for avoiding damages to structures and equipment.

ATFLASH SENSOR does not need internet connection nor being part of a detection network. Its installation is easy since there is no need of initial calibration. The station presents very clearly the alarm levels: a display shows, with a progress bar, the evolution of the storm within each interval, with an audible warning sound that activates each time an alarm occurs. Besides, the station is provided with output ports for transferring this alarm to all type of visual or audible appliances. All the means at your disposal for taking, when storm approach, the most appropriate decisions.