New product selection guide for surge protectors

A surge is a voltage increase in the electrical network measured between two conductors which can cause damage to the installation and electrical equipment. It can be of two types: transient and permanent.

Transient surges are very short-lived increases in voltage measured between two conductors or between a conductor and the ground. It may be due to atmospheric electrical discharges (lightning) or switching processes or breakdowns (ground contact or short circuits).

Permanent, temporary or maintained surges are voltage increases above 20 percent of the nominal value of the electrical network that are maintained for several cycles or permanently. They are caused by a phase imbalance normally originated by neutral breakage, faults in the neutral conductor connection or faults in the transformer centers.

guia proteccion sobretensiones permanentes transitorias surge surtensiones overvoltagesPower, telephone, television or data lines often travel long distances outside any protected environment and connect to very sensitive devices. This condition makes them particularly prone to surges that will be transmitted by conduction to all connected devices.

To properly protect any installation, we publish a new surge guide that allows you to select the right surge protector model with only a few questions.

This guide consists of 3 parts:

  • Selection of transient surge protection for power lines
  • Selection of permanent surge protection
  • Selection of transient surge protection for telephone and data lines.

To choose the right transient surge protection for power lines you need to answer five questions:

  • Is there external lightning protection?
  • Buried or overhead service line
  • Domestic or industrial environment
  • Main or secondary board
  • Single-phase or three-phase line

The selection of the right permanent surge protector only requires to answer four questions:

  • Does it include transient surge protection?
  • Does it include a cutting element?
  • Protection with or without self-reclosing
  • Single-phase or three-phase line

Finally, to select the right transient surge protection in data lines, you must choose between the following characteristics:

  • Line type: telephone, data, computer or coaxial
  • Connector type: RJ45, RJ11, screw, KRONE, DB9 or coaxial (F, BNC, N, etc.)
  • Line speed: CAT5E, CAT6 or POE

To download the new guide click here.

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