Outstanding participation at the International Lightning Protection Symposium (ILPS)

Outstanding participation at the International Lightning Protection Symposium (ILPS)

Held in Oporto (Portugal), the third ILPS Conference (April 21-22) continues its path of serving as a forum for presenting the latest developments in lightning protection.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has taken part in all three ILPS conferences. On this occasion, we presented three papers related to different areas of lightning protection in which the company has recognized experts.

A study on determination of preferred impact points of lightning strikes was presented. These impact points are determined by the simulation of not only geometric factors but of roof materials and down conductors configuration as well. This allows us optimize the design of the lightning protection system.

A completely different aspect within the field of lightning protection has to deal with preventive lightning protection of transmission towers. On this subject, we presented another paper that shows a theoretical analysis and a practical application of the use of local detectors based on electrostatic field measure to determine the criteria to install them and assess their effectiveness before a storm forms or approaches.

Our third innovative paper, also based on theoretical research and practical experience, is about the application of lightning protection standards to exothermically welded connections. These connections are used all over the world on earthing systems and also on conductors carrying lightning current.

The symposium attendees were experts from all over the world addressing practical case studies, standards review, test methods, new materials, etc. This symposium represents a comprehensive and open overview to all lightning protection matters. Research conducted by universities and companies such as Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. results in continuous improvement in the safety of people and material goods.

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