More than 30.000 hours of R&D in 2015

More than 30.000 hours of R&D in 2015

During the year that has just finished, our R&D team has continued to grow due to the incorporation of new researchers, engineers and technicians.

Aware that our products are in the technological area so they have to advance with it and with the market demands, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas invests a valuable time to generate knowledge and creativity to create new applications and solve problems.

During the 30 years of the company existence, there have been revolutionary changes in almost all the technology areas. Nowadays, it is required to protect increasingly taller structures, more expensive equipment, essential and sensitive, not to mention the new materials and transmission means speeds nowadays.

To take advantage of the technological developments and release to the market the demanded products, we have in our company expert staff and the means to develop and test our products.

That is why we have invested 31.572 hours in R&D in 2015. The duties that the expert staff develops include: research, practical application of theoretical concepts, selection and research of materials, bibliography generation, computer programming, experimentation with new methods and processes and all those scientific and technical aspects that will be implemented in the projects that Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has set as medium-term objectives.