Overvoltages: protection against permanent and transient overvoltages

Overvoltages: protection against permanent and transient overvoltages

In residential sector and in small tertiary business, it is recommended to protect correctly the installations against both permanent and transient overvoltages. Usually, in such cases (houses, business, worshops, restaurants, etc), are limited by a lack of space. The most appropriate solution is to use permanent and transient overvoltage protectors in the same device.

Overvoltages are an increase of voltage in the electrical network which can cause damage to the electric installations and equipment. Protection against overvoltages are aimed to avoid data corruption in the network, fire, damage on installations or equipment, among others.

The combined three-phase protector ATCONTROL/B PT-T, of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, acts by protecting efficiently the equipment from both the overvoltages caused by faults in the network and the ones due to lightning.

Protection against permanent overvoltages

The ATCONTROL/B PT-T protector acts when it detects a permanent overvoltage by firing the emission coil connected to it. This emission coil causes the triggering of the associated Automatic General Switch (IGA), protecting the equipment installed downstream.

The warning system for permanent overvoltages consists of two luminous indicators: Green indicates correct power supply and red indicates overvoltage. Moreover, it has a test button to check that the installation has been executed correctly.

The ATCONTROL/B PT-T permanent and transient overvoltage protector has been developed and tested according to standards EN 50550 “Power frequency overvoltage protective devices (POP).

Protection against transient overvoltages

The ATCONTROL/B PT-T protector also works when it detects a transient overvoltage, driving the current to earth and reducing the voltage to a level that does not damage the connected equipment.

ATCONTROL/B PT-T has been tested and certified as a type 2 protector in oficial and independent labs according to standards UNE-EN 61643-11 and GUIDE-BT-23 from the REBT. This device is suitable for categories I, II, III and IV equipment according to ITC-BT-23 from the REBT.

It has a thermodynamic control device that disconnects from the electrical network in case of deterioration, and also a warning system for transient overvoltages.

If you need more information about permanent and transient overvoltage protectors, please download the data sheet here.