Protect your photovoltaic panels against overvoltages with ATPV and ATVOLT

Protect your photovoltaic panels against overvoltages with ATPV and ATVOLT

The consumption of energy provided by photovoltaic panels has increased significantly during the last years.

In this society, increasingly sensitive to environmental impacts, it is essential to search for alternative solutions to help the preservation of the limited resources of our planet. The use of photovoltaic technology significantly reduces the emission of gases, causes no deforestation and, besides, a simple 1m² panel provides equivalent power than 56m³ water resources.

Despite its numerous advantages, photovoltaic panels are expensive systems. Therefore, to ensure effective protection is essential. They are usually placed at open areas, exposed to any weather conditions, so they are particularly prone to the damaging effects of overvoltages.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas provides specific protectors for photovoltaic panels.

ATPV and ATVOLT series are particularly designed for protecting solar plants. Both ATPV and ATVOLT protect photovoltaic panels, the inverter and the rest of the installation components, leaving a residual voltage low enough for no damaging the system.

As the image shows, they can be installed in any board of the photovoltaic installation thanks to a compact design in thin modules.

All our Surge Protective Devices have been tested in independent laboratories according to UNE-EN 61643-11, being also in accordance with the standards UNE 21186, IEC62305, NP4426, UL1449 and NA33:2014.