Reasons to install storm detectors in flammable installations: ATSTORM®v2 in oil refineries

ATSTORM®v2 storm detectors are particularly suitable to complement lightning protection systems and surge protection in high-risk places

An oil refinery contains loads of highly flammable and explosive materials such as gasoline and diesel, as well as gas, mineral oils and asphalts. There are also inert gases such as nitrogen and other explosive gases like hydrogen sulfide and benzene inside the tanks where oil and gas are stored. On the other hand, the loading and unloading of fuel or when transporting material become highly dangerous situations in case of lightning storm.

Both human and material damage caused by a lightning strike may be very serious in these conditions. Thus, it is imperative to have a preventive protection system to complement the lightning protection system and the surge protection.

This is the case, among others, of the Rizhao’s refinery in China, where an ATSTORM®v2 storm detector designed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has been installed. Our detector records the measurements of the evolution of the electric field, setting up before the lightning storm happens the alert level that activates the refinery’s security protocol. In the case of refineries, the different alert levels trigger preventive actions to reduce explosion risk, such as stop of activity or the personnel evacuation.