Schools from Cascais, in Portugal, protected with the DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE lightning rod

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has developed, together with the Municipality of Cascais, located west of Lisbon in Portugal, a lightning protection study for the installation of lightning rods in its public schools.

The safety of its students is one of the priorities of this municipality, so it has been essential to evaluate the lightning protection systems existing in the various schools of Cascais. Many of these buildings are old and in need of refurbishing their facilities.

The lightning rods chosen to replace the current ones needed to constitute a system that offers maximum safety and simplifies the collection of data regarding its status.

DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE lightning rods, in addition to offering the latest technology in ESE air terminals, have a remote communication system M2M that guarantees maximum efficiency and are totally autonomous thanks to their solar panels. The system allows for the centralization of the status of all the installed devices through a customised web page, without the need for the technical personnel to have access to the lightning rod with consequent labour risks.

This is not the first time that Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has developed a similar project in Portugal. In 2016 the same work was carried out in the City of Sintra, equipping 13 of its schools with DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE lightning rods.