Smart Solutions: air terminal DAT CONTROLER REMOTE, connectivity and auto-diagnosis

Lightning storms are dangerous and sudden phenomena that generate potential risks for people and property. Lightning protection in buildings is crucial to avoid personal, material and economic damage, and even environmental disasters. The smart air terminal DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE is part of the Smart Earthing and Lightning Solutions portfolio of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. Our leading technology allows the lightning rod to perform a daily auto-diagnosis of its status and send the test results to the user via M2M communication system.

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we consider it essential to always be aware of the latest standard changes and improvements, adapting our products and services to offer our clients comprehensive, secure, innovative and complete protection.

With the Smart Earthing and Lightning Solutions range of products, at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we offer you the smart solutions that best adapt to any type of site.

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Smart air terminal DAT CONTROLER REMOTE

An Early Streamer Emission (ESE) lightning rod is characterised by the fact that it responds to the approach of the lightning strike by capturing lightning ahead of other elements within its protection zone, in order to conduct the discharge current safely to earth.

The smart lightning arrester DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE uses the surrounding electric field as its sole power source. This product from our Smart Earthing and Lightning Solutions portfolio is fully autonomous, maintenance-free and can be tested at any time.

The installation of the smart DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE lightning conductor must be carried out in accordance with UNE 21186 “Protection of structures, buildings and open areas by means of ESE lightning arresters”. A single lightning conductor can protect an area of almost 20,000m2 according to Protection Level 1, which is the most demanding protection level.

Auto-diagnosis and connectivity (IoT)

The smart lightning rod DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE from the Smart Earthing and Lightning portfolio, in addition to offering the latest lightning rod technology, has an M2M remote communication system that guarantees maximum efficiency and is fully autonomous thanks to its solar panels.

This smart system allows for the centralisation of the real-time status of all installed DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE devices via a personalised web page. This avoids occupational hazards as technical personnel do not need access to the lightning conductor.

The DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE offers a daily self-check of the air terminal status, without the need to dismantle the device or use auxiliary lifting equipment.

The results of the auto-test is sent via M2M communication to a receiving device (mobile phone, tablet, computer). The information can be viewed on a web portal along with other customised notifications, facilitating the correct preventive and corrective maintenance of the installation, and also reducing the associated costs.

Regulatory compliance

DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE is an intelligent system certified with AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification), a symbol of product quality and safety.

Certification with the AENOR trademark involves regular and continuous sampling of the product by AENOR technicians and testing in official and independent laboratories.  DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and following the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.

The patented design of the smart DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE air terminal prevents rain from bringing the metal outer casing (which must be at atmospheric electrical potential) into contact with its metal shaft (which must be at earth potential).

DAT CONTROLER® smart lightning rods have a certified isolation of more than 95% (UNE-EN 60060-1), which guarantees the correct operation of the device and, therefore, its protection area in any weather situation.

In addition, the smart DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE lightning arrester exceeds the regulatory requirements with the following features:

  • Certified in accordance with the most demanding current standards.
  • Surpassed intensive current stress tests, which guarantee its correct operation even after repeated high-energy lightning strikes.
  • Certified operation in heavy rain.
  • Intelligent product from the Smart Earthing and Lightning Solutions range of products, equipped with daily self-diagnosis and connectivity: self-evaluates its status autonomously and sends the result to the user.
  • Surpasses extended electrical test with 20 pulses of 200kA + 5 pulses of 250 kA on the same sample.
  • Complies with radio communications regulations.
  • Carries official certification for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).
  • Certified compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations.

All this ensures that DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE protects people and property against the direct effects of atmospheric electrical discharges with maximum guarantees.

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