Last 3rd of May, between 14h and 16h, meteorology changed abruptly over the Headquarters of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A., shifting from a stable weather with clear sky into a heavy thunderstorm.

A storm detector ATSTORMv2 is installed in our building, registering at any moment the atmospheric electric field and warning in case of danger. 

We could compare afterwards the data collected that day by ATSTORMv2 (the upper graphic) with the results that are provided by the Spanish Meteorology Agency (AEMET) lightning location network, which informs every hour at its web page about the flashes that have occurred between 30 and 90 minutes earlier (each spot at the lower graphic represents one flash). 

These data confirm that ATSTORMv2 detector measures and interprets precisely the electric field, activating the consecutive alerts at the appropriate moments as the storm approaches the building thus becoming a real danger for goods and people.