Surge protection for sewage and water treatment plants

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. publishes a schematic guide indicating the proper protectors for each area

Water treatment plants and pumping stations are commonly found in isolated locations where the structures that compose them, though not tall, are the preferred point of lightning strike.  They occupy large areas, with various buildings and equipment interconnected through power and telecom lines that reach sensitive equipment such as computers or PLCs. An overvoltage may cause damages meaning not only the cost of the equipment but also working stops affecting the service to thousands of users.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. launches an operation guide for an effective protection of water treatment plants and pumping stations against direct and secondary lightning effects. Overvoltages may be caused by direct lightning strike to the structures (whatever they are provided or not with external protection) , to the lines or even nearby strikes or cloud-to-cloud lightning.  Also by disturbances in the electrical grid or earth return current. Applying this guide can avoid damages, early deterioration of equipment and loss of data, thus improving the guaranty of a good service for the users of these stations.

Download here the Guide of surge protection for sewage and water treatment plants