The National Uruguay Fuel Company trusts its facilities to the thunderstorm warning system ATSTORM V.02

The storm detector ATSTORM V.02 provides the chance to take temporary measures for minimizing risks in explosive environments.

ANCAP (National Administration of Fuel, Alcohol and Portland) is the Uruguayan state-owned multinational company, created in 1931, the production and management of petroleum products, Portland cement and alcoholic beverages. Its most important installation is a refinery at La Teja, the first and single oil processing plant in Uruguay, which has been recently modernized.

This type of installation needs a correct external protection, surge protection for lines and a good earthing. Besides, preventive protection may avoid unnecessary risks during some occasional activities such as oil charge or tanks maintenance, and also avoid exposure of personnel during thunderstorms.

For improving safety, ANCAP has acquired the thunderstorm warning system ATSTORM V.02 for the above mentioned La Teja Plant and another one for the surroundings of the Jose Ignacio oil buoy. ATSTORM is able to detect storms even before the first discharge, during its formation, and does not contain any metallic part that may get worn or blocked with the use.

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