UL Certificate for APLIWELD SECURE+ exothermic welding

UL Certificate for APLIWELD SECURE+ exothermic welding

Our newfangled welding with compact tablets and electronic start-up obtains the prestigious certificate that guarantees the quality and reliability of connections.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a world renowned company that certifies, validates and tests a wide range of products. For electrical connections and particularly for aluminothermic welding, the standard UL467:"Grounding and bonding equipment" is the reference for the quality and reliability of connections between electrical conductors. Connections are submitted to a current test and a severe mechanical test. The tested connections have successfully passed that test and can already show the UL mark on moulds and tablets.

APLIWELD SECURE+ exothermic welding achieves a molecular binding among conductors and therefore enduring in time and with full guarantee of electrical continuity. It is made with a newfangled format in compact tablets that makes work easier and reduces stock costs. It also allows the possibility of remote electronic ignition reducing occupational hazards. 

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