Extension of the train terminal of bauxite loads in Guinea

We take part in the process for the extension of the train terminal of bauxite loads in Guinea

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is reponsible for the earthing project and connection systems through APLIWELD SECURE+ exothermic welding.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. is participating in the extension to the railway terminal of the bauxite mines from the COMPAGNIE DES BAUXITES DE GUINEE in Kamsar, Guinea. We are specifically in charge of the earthing project design and supply of connection systems for the earthing network, carried out through APLIWELD SECURE+ exothermic welding.

Guinea is the country with the largest reserves of bauxite, a raw material used in the production of aluminium, and is the fifth largest extractor in the world. Besides expanding the railway system, this project will also proceed with the expansion of the mine and port facilities.

All of our earthing products used in this project will contribute to protecting the people and facilities, limiting contact voltage and giving a clear path of low impedance. Through APLIWELD SECURE+ exothermic welding, a molecular join of the permanent earthing network has been achieved. It’s ease of use has been convenient in installations, even in unfavourable wind conditions, due to its tablet format which presents an advantage against traditional welding with powder.

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