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How to achieve safe and efficient exothermic welding without electricity sources

Earthing is a fundamental step in any electrical system installation. It is also essential for the proper functioning and safety of equipment and people, as it protects against potential differences that can be dangerous in both cases. The Apliweld Secure + exothermic welding system allows permanent and reliable connections to be made safely thanks to its electronic initiator, but there is not always a source of electricity nearby. To overcome this obstacle, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas offers an add-on to charge the electronic initiator from any vehicle.


Lightning protection in data centres

Data processing centres (DPCs) are under constant threat, not only from computer attacks but also from meteorological phenomena such as electrical storms. These are essential infrastructures that require protection against lightning and surges to avoid possible data loss and degradation of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as to prevent downtime, outages and service interruptions that imply a high economic impact.