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What is a dry thunderstorm and what are its risks?

By definition, “a dry thunderstorm is a storm that has no or very little precipitation associated with it, but does carry electrical activity”. The absence of precipitation can create a false sense of security that poses a serious risk to the safety of people and structures. In this scenario, a system with sensors capable of detecting all phases of the storm and issuing warnings before the first impact can make a difference.

Differences between thunderstorm detectors (Lightning Warning System and Lightning Tracker)

Lightning bolts are powerful atmospheric electrical discharges that pose a great danger depending on where they strike. Without proper protection and prevention, these discharges are a risk to people, animals, buildings, and electrical / electronic equipment.

In order to prevent the effects of this natural phenomenon, the UNE-EN IEC 62793 standard establishes an application guide to determine the need or not for a thunderstorm detection system, as well as the types of detectors that exist for it.

ATSTORM: Lightning warning system

A lightning warning system is a device which warns of lightning strike risk in areas that need to be protected against the effect of atmospheric electrical discharges. ATSTORM is an expert system for storm detection developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas which is able to provide local early warnings.