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Transient overvoltages: how to protect LED lighting

The use of LED lighting has become an increasingly popular option for public and private urban lighting, due to its numerous advantages over traditional lighting. In some countries, it is even mandatory according to legislation. Long-term energy savings are behind this trend, but given its initial cost, it is imperative for LED lighting to be protected against transient overvoltages to ensure its correct operation.


Lightning protection in data centres

Data processing centres (DPCs) are under constant threat, not only from computer attacks but also from meteorological phenomena such as electrical storms. These are essential infrastructures that require protection against lightning and surges to avoid possible data loss and degradation of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as to prevent downtime, outages and service interruptions that imply a high economic impact.


What is a surge counter and how can it help to achieve optimal protection

The digital transformation and the IoT revolution (Internet of Things), permanently interconnected teams, are making everyday life and economic sectors more and more dependent on technology. However, due to their dependence on a constant flow of energy and data for availability and performance, all electrical appliances are especially sensible to overvoltages and need to be protected to prevent possible accidents and economic losses. The information given by the overvoltage counter ‘Surge Logger’ lets you register and learn about these events in order to achieve an optimal protection.