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Solar energy: smart earthing solutions to optimise the operation of photovoltaic plants

The solar energy sector is a strategic industry that plays a crucial role in the energy transition. In order to protect the heavy economic investment that a photovoltaic park requires, both in the project phase and in operation, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. has developed a portfolio of smart solutions that allow continuous monitoring of the state of an earthing system. The SMART EARTHING range is focused on achieving operational efficiency, reducing maintenance costs by anticipating critical repairs and extending the useful life of facilities to meet the return on investment on schedule.


What is a dry thunderstorm and what are its risks?

By definition, “a dry thunderstorm is a storm that has no or very little precipitation associated with it, but does carry electrical activity”. The absence of precipitation can create a false sense of security that poses a serious risk to the safety of people and structures. In this scenario, a system with sensors capable of detecting all phases of the storm and issuing warnings before the first impact can make a difference.