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AT RESEARCH CENTER – A laboratory equipped for the most strict lightning protection studies

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for guarantees that any equipment or tool is tested in accordance with the regulations to ensure its correct operation. Lightning is a phenomenon capable of causing great personal and material damage, but it is not possible to anticipate exactly when and where lightning will strike. However, it is vital that the systems designed to protect against the effects of lightning operate correctly and in accordance with current regulations. Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has the AT Research Center, one of the best-equipped laboratories in the world for testing Lightning Protection Systems (LPS), where the most demanding tests are carried out to measure the reliability of all its components.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas joins the standards committee CTN 221 – Wind energy generation systems to participate in the development of standards for lightning protection

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has joined the standards committee CTN 221 – Wind energy generation systems of the Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE) to participate in the maintenance of the standard UNE-EN IEC 61400-24:2011 – Wind turbines. Part 24: Protection against lightning strikes.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has demonstrated a continued dedication to quality, achieving once again, the certification for Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. once again obtains the ISO 9001 Certificate, thus ratifying its commitment to the professionalism, excellence and quality of its products. The commitment to the continuous improvement through the processes of design, production, marketing, installation and review processes of lightning protection systems, as well as in its divisions of storm detectors and exothermic welding, again endorse its quality certificate.