Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has participated in the I International Lightning Protection Association Symposium

Members of our Technical and R+D Department presented several papers

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, as an ILPA’s founding member and local organizer of the event, has actively participated in this meeting, where some of our colleagues of the Technical and R+D Department presented several proceedings.

Susana Polo and Verónica Pomar presented two empirical studies that statistically prove the proper operation of the ESE devices. Susana Polo, MS in Physics, explained the efficacy, verified by various means, of 4.645 facilities in Spain that are periodically inspected by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. Veronica Pomar, Industrial Engineer, presented worldwide data noting that the number of incidents has been negligible for an experience equivalent to 4,652,600 years of service of 550,000 devices and 174,473 lightning discharges expected.

For his part, David Ruiz, Electronic Engineer, did an excellent review of different standardized lightning protection systems, and as a key finding he noted that, although there are aspects whose scientific basis is still under study, their effectiveness is demonstrated by the vast experience gained through numerous installations.

Another of our Electronic Engineering researchers, Moisés Poza, talked about protection against overvoltages caused by lightning strikes. He presented the results of a study that shows the importance of the connectors for the improvement of the residual voltage. He also presented an optimized connection system tested with different waves according to the IEC 61643 standard.

In the field of preventive protection against lightning, Carlos Torralba, Telecommunications Engineer, presented the new technology of storm detection that works measuring static electric field measurements but without mobile elements. As well, he talked about the response of our Class I Storm Detector, designed according to EN 50536 standard, by measuring the electric field of real storms happened on our headquarters.