Aplicaciones Tecnológicas presents its last scientific publications in the ILPS 2018 in Shenzhen (China)

The fourth edition of ILPS, the International Lightning Protection Symposium, will be held this week, from the 23rd to 26th October 2018, in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. The symposium is organized by ILPA, the International Lightning Protection Association.

ILPS, an event that is held every two years, is one of the most important dates in the area of lightning protection and is celebrated this year for the first time outside Europe. An opportunity to discover and get to know first-hand the last scientific and technologic developments in the area of lightning protection.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has participated in all the celebrated editions and this year takes part in the symposium celebrated in China presenting two articles.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas presents the last publications of its R&D team in ILPS 2018

David Ruiz, PhD in Electrical Engineering and Responsible for External Protection in Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, has presented during the symposium two papers about some of the last researches conducted by the R&D team of the firm.

The first of them, entitled Alarm Evaluation Methods for Thunderstorm Warning Systems proposes a method for evaluating the alarms given by lightning detectors, specifically the ones based on measuring the electrostatic field.

ILPS China 2018 Aplicaciones Tecnologicas presentation

The second paper presented is A New and Unified Approach for Calculating the Protected Volume of Different Lightning Air Terminals. Electrostatic Contour- Rolling Sphere Method – EC-RSM. The document revises the incongruities between the different methods for positioning air terminals and proposes a new perspective based on the results of the electrostatic field simulation.