Apliweld® Secure+ incorporates new accessories to facilitate the exothermic welding process

Apliweld® Secure+ incorporates new accessories to facilitate the exothermic welding process

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas adds new accessories to the Apliweld® Secure+ system. The new car charger for the electronic starting device and the mould accessory increase the range of products of the most efficient and secure welding system in the market.

What is exothermic welding?

The exothermic or aluminothermic welding is a chemical process that allows the molecular union of two or more conductors. As a consequence of this fusion, the connection is more reliable and durable than the mechanical bond and its conductivity is equal to or greater than the metals it connects.

Apliweld® Secure+, the Aplicaciones Tecnológicas exothermic welding, provides perfect results, savings in operational costs and increased work safety.

Thanks to the innovation efforts made by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, the Apliweld system has replaced the traditional powder charge with tablet loading. Its main advantages are:

  • It reduces operational costs because this system uses the same reference for 90% of the bond types, unlike powder loading. The only thing that varies is the number of tablets to be used in each welding. Therefore, it is only necessary to get and store one reference, simplifying stock management.
  • It prevents difficulties and disadvantages related to work with powder loadings, such as possible spillovers or material loss during handling.
  • It is also not affected by adverse meteorological conditions like wind or moisture.

    • The traditional powder loading is prone to spills caused by wind, while the Apliweld tablet format prevents material losses.
    • Powder loadings could be affected by humidity and be deteriorated overtime, while the tablet format does not have this inconvenient.

On the other hand, the exothermic welding system Apliweld Secure+ is implemented by an electronic ignition method without flammable materials and with remote ignition, which has the following advantages:

  • It increases workplace safety because the Apliweld initiator caps are not flammable, preventing risks during handling and storage.
  • It prevents burns caused by projection of materials and minimizes mould wear thanks to remote electronic ignition with Bluetooth ignition control.

New accessories of Apliweld® Secure+

Apliweld incorporates new accessories and stands as the most innovative system for the realization of exothermic welding.

AT-121N adapter to charge the electronic ignition equipment in the car

The electronic ignition of Apliweld Secure+ allows remote welding, reducing the occupational risks to which workers are exposed. This device allows the necessary energy to start the reaction in the ignition cap. The equipment has a battery of great autonomy that allows to carry out more than 270 welds without the need of recharging.

However, it is possible that the battery runs out involuntarily and that there is no fixed power outlet on the side to be able to charge it. In this case, you can use the new car adapter, developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, that allows to charge the battery of the electronic ignition equipment Apliweld in a vehicle, preventing interruption of work on site.

MM-V20 accessory for rod welds of 16 and 20mm in multiple mould

To make aluminothermic welding a graphite mould must be used in which the fusion of the materials occurs. For that purpose, two types of moulds exist which have a use that will depend on the specific needs of the client.

On one hand, the specific moulds are mechanized graphite blocks to make a single type of bond. This means each mould is used to make welds between two particular conductors (cable, tape, rod, etc.) of specific dimensions (50mm2, ø16mm, etc.) and with a bond of a determined geometry (linear, cross, etc.). Its use is recommended for those specialists that carry out big amounts of welds as they allow to work more quickly.

Furthermore, the multiple mould allows to weld the most common conductors and bond types always using the same graphite pieces. Thus, it is recommended to use it in little installations or maintenance tasks where few welds of different types are made. The multiple is used to make cable connections up to 95mm2, tape up to 30mm wide and earth rods up to 19mm in diameter.

The cable/rod bond is one of the most common welds. A common drawback of these joints is that the diameter of the rod is usually not known with certainty until it reaches the site and it usually varies between 10 and 20mm.

Until now, we could make rod welds with the multiple mould up to 12mm. Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has developed a new lower part for welding rods with a diameter of 16 to 20mm. In this way, the Apliweld Secure+ accessory allows to make the most common bonds of installations with cable up to 95mm2.

Apliweld Secure+ continues to stand as the most secure and efficient option in the market. If you would like a quotation for its installation, do not hesitate to contact us.