Apliweld®-T: universal welding compound in tablets

Innovative welding compound format that allows any type of connection.

APLIWELD®-T, universal exothermic welding compound in tablets, is valid for any type of connection using one or more units.

With Apliweld®-T it is not necessary to buy different packages of welding compound: just use the required number of tablets for each mould. Click here to go to the mould search-engine.

Apliweld®-T tablets may be used both electronic starter (Apliweld-E) and flint igniter. They are available in two sizes: 43mm or 55mm (for connections between oversized conductors, ask our Technical Department)

Apliweld®-T tables provides the following benefits: Reduce costes de stock

  • Less stock costs 
  • Quick welding reaction
  • Helps to improve mould endurance

+Info about Apliweld® exothermic welding system.