Gas Stations of Costa Rica protected with Dat Controler® Plus air terminals

Twenty gas stations have been protected against lightning with Dat Controler® Plus air terminals in one of the countries with higher flash density.

According to the data of the Costa Rica Electricity Institute (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE)) and the Meteorological National Institute (Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN)), Costa Rica has an average of 1.100 flashes per day, a very high flash density  that causes damages to buildings, equipment and even the death of people.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. provides all technologies for preventing damages caused by lightning: external protection for avoiding physical damages to buildings; internal protection for safeguarding electric and electronic equipment, and preventive protection for stopping hazardous activities during  thunderstorms.

In Costa Rica, 20 gas stations have recently been protected with Dat Controler® Plus air terminals. These are the latest in a long lists of protected structures in this country, as telecommunication towers, hospitals and even a NASA building where besides, due to the soil conditions, the earthing system was made with our graphite electrodes to achieve a low earth resistance and to avoid corrosion problems.

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