New KIT ATCONTROL PLUS: combined protection against overvoltages and undervoltages

Complete kit which includes three-phase protector combined overvoltages and undervoltages, shunt release and main circuit breaker.


KIT ATCONTROL PLUS series protector actuate triggering the contact shunt release (S1, S2) whenever it detects a permanent overvoltage. The shunt release causes the disconnection of the Main Circuit Breaker (MCB) associated, protecting the equipments installed downstream.

The warning system for permanent overvoltages consists in 2 luminous indicators: green (correct power supply) and red (overvoltage). It has a test button to check that the installations have been executed correctly.


KIT ATCONTROL PLUS protector works as well whenever it detects a transient overvoltage driving the current to earth and reducing the voltage to a level that does not damage the connected equipment. It is provided with a thermodynamic control device that disconnects from the electrical network in case of degrading and a warning system.

Due to their characteristics, these new protectors are particularly suitable for the following facilities and/or equipment:

  • Temporary undervoltage protection: lighting, electrical appliances (fridges, washing machines, etc.), electric engines of the small industry and, in general, any equipment containing an inductance.
  • Temporary overvoltage protection: electronic equipment.

Certified according to the specifications described in the European standard EN 50550 – Power frequency overvoltage protective device for household and similar applications (POP), our IGA TEST PLUS protectors have been tested by ÍTACA, official and independent Laboratory of Electrical Safety.