Protection against overvoltages for equipment in business premises and domestic use

Electric and electronic equipment may suffer important damages even due to secondary effects of lightning.

Business premises and houses contain now numerous electric and electronic equipment with more complex and important functions. Big electrical appliances such as washing machines or fridges are robust and can withstand transient overvoltages with no apparent harm at short term. Still their components may suffer degradation or detriment. This damage is more evident in electronic equipment such as computers, surveillance cameras or TV sets which peripherals are becoming more costly and sophisticated. Besides, these accessories are often interconnected thus increasing the probabilities of being affected by overvoltages. Data lines and their connected equipment are designed for very low voltages and therefore surges caused by lighting can produce them serious damages.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has designed the basic set for an efficient surge protection of most usual domestic electric and electronic equipment, easy to install and with an optimized cost.  A barrier for lightning current at each of the lines connecting the external environment with your house or premise and your equipment.

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