ATFREQ 12 BNC: Overvoltage protection for coaxial network rack

Our new ATFREQ 12 BNC surge protectors are especially designed for equipment transmitting large amount of data

ATFREQ 12 BNC is an SPD prepared for protecting 12 coaxial lines. Each protection element within this rack is provided with two BNC female connectors and an earthing connection (a male-female adaptor is included). ATFREQ SPDs should be inserted in series with the signal cable and as close as possible to the equipment to be protected.

Thanks to its high-speed transmission, it is suitable for networks handling a large amount of data, such as antennas, wave amplifiers, splitters and, in general, for installations with many BNC connections:

  • Radio and TV stations
  • Base stations
  • Repeaters
  • Routers
  • Radio links
  • Surveillance cameras

Tested and certified by independent laboratories, ATFREQ 12 BNC surge protector for coaxial cables can be easily installed in 19” racks and it only needs a single earthing cable.

+Info about ATFREQ 12 BNC surge protector for coaxial cables.