ATSHOCK-P30: protection against overvoltages caused by direct lightning strike, now in pluggable modules

ATSHOCK-P30 is a single-phase, type 1 protector, made up of  gas dischargers, with pluggable module and double connector

Type 1 protectors should be able to withstand direct lightning impacts to the line. Therefore, they are tested with 10/350μs current waves, which involve a much higher energy than 8/20μs waves. ATSHOCK-P30 has been checked with 30kA impulsional current, passing all tests described in the standards.

The whole protector is designed to withstand that high energy: not only the internal components but also its wiring, formed by a double terminal for assuring a strong connection. Its pluggable format facilitates maintenance and, if necessary, replacement. The let-through voltage of this protector is higher than 1,5kV, so in case of lines supplying electronic equipment it has to be co-ordinated with ATSUB or ATCOVER type protectors, which let appropriate residual voltages for avoiding damages to sensitive devices.

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